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Higher Learning Foundation is focused on building "Mental Warriors", by providing students with mentoring and scholarship opportunities once they complete a Wellness Training Program. The purpose of the program is to "build stronger students" and for "growing kind minds". The Higher Learning foundation's vision is to Educate, Engage, and Empower. The project was to create an identity that is mindful and approachable to excite and educate people on living this type of lifestyle.

The logo symbolizes moving in the upward direction, it symbolizes growth and education. The colour palette is based on the levels of the program, first level is the orange represents mindfulness, the second level is the green represents renewal and growth, the blue represents, depth, wisdom, confidence, and stability that brings you to the final level of the program. Illustrations were created to engage and educate people on different topic mindfulness topics. 

HLF_Identity_V2_1 copy.jpg
HLF_Identity_V2_2 copy.jpg
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