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If you want to be the curator of your space, customized artwork is the way to go. This allows you to choose the size, colour palette, and style. 


Step 1: Research/Inspiration
Feel free to let me know your idea, and I will create it in my style. Provide me details in your email with any reference, colours, or styles you have in mind. If you like existing artwork made by me include it in the email and let me know what you would like tweaked and I will let you know if that is possible. Note: I will not start on a custom project until the downpayment is covered.


Step 2: Proof

Once I gather all the information needed to start your piece I will provide you with a proof in about 1-2 weeks. I will send a proof with my recommendations added. You can provide any feedback or changes at this stage.


Step 3: Approval

After completing the final you will have another chance to review everything. Once approved your piece will be packaged. Once the final payment is 100% covered your package will be sent out and delivered.

Let’s get started, email me with your details!

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